What is the Real Definition of Success?

In the world today, too often we only consider the richest and most well known people to be successful. For most of my life, I have viewed success regarding someone’s career, income, or fame. Even the dictionary describes success as “attaining wealth, prosperity and/or fame,” but is that really always the case?

Recently, like so many other confused teenagers, I have been considering my future. If you are like me and want to be successful, there is no way for you to achieve that if you don’t know what it really is that you are seeking. During my quest to understand, I found a large variety of answers, all claiming to be the meaning of success. That’s when I realized; there isn’t actually one meaning of success that is true for all. 

Success doesn’t have one definition; you get to make your own that’s personal to you. Many people define their own success based on factors which are important to them. So here is a list explaining 5 factors of success that can apply to anyone.

1. Success is doing your best. 

Doing our best is the best that we can do. However, accepting your abilities is just as important. There is no way for humans to be perfect, even if you apply your best efforts. So learn from your experiences instead of being held back by them.The only way to expect the best outcome in your life is if you apply your best effort when you act towards that.

2. Success is being in control of your life. 

If you understand your power and the true control you have over your life, you can better achieve what you want to. Being in control means that you can create the outcome you want to.

3. Success is achieving your goals. 

We set goals in order to achieve a positive outcome, therefore when we achieve our goals, we almost always benefit. The more goals you reach and the more efficient you become about it, then the more life becomes what you want. 

4. Success is your own acceptance and approval.

In success, it’s so important that you are or are headed towards where you want to be. If you are content and approve of where you are, then most times that will equate to satisfaction in yourself and your life. That being said, you are not always going to be on that path, so acceptance of where you are is a key part of success, whether it’s where you want to be or not. Acceptance leads to approval and approval keeps you on the path of success.

5. Success is what you truly want.

Knowing what you truly want can be difficult to figure out; you have to dig deep. Whether you want to go to college, or you don’t. Whether you want to do a certain career, or you don’t. Whether you want a lot of friends, or you don’t. It’s all specific to you. If what you want is what makes you happy, achieving that is success. 

In conclusion… The definition of success is complicated, specific to yourself, and may even change. Being successful is what YOU want in life whatever you may be. By analyzing the five factors above and relating them to yourself, you just achieved the first step to your success; the understanding of what success means to you.

– A Real Teen

Photo by Pexels

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