Screen-Free Activities for You

Okay, let’s be honest… Most of us are on screens WAY too much. Between school, social media, and Netflix binges, on average teens spend  more than 40% of their ENTIRE LIFE on screens. (Yes I did that math… Sort of.) Even science proves that too much screen time can lead you down a losing path. So don’t be a loser! By getting off your phone for a little while you can create your own experiences, growth, productivity, fun, and so much more! Here are a few great ideas:

1. Read, read, and read some more.

I’m sure you’ve heard this one a few times before. READ. It’s key to basically giving your brain superpowers. I have to say, I have never been a reader if you know what I mean. But even I can still get lost in an awesome book. If you do read instead of scrolling on your phone, good job! If not, you should go get a book! 

2. Spend real time with friends, family, pets, etc.

Screen time isn’t needed to spend time with the people you enjoy. And I mean real time; where you aren’t all involved with, well, screens. Eat a meal with your family, or play a game with your friends, or cuddle with your cat. The possibilities for fun are endless! 

3. Learn a cool trick.

Can you do a backflip? A magic trick? An ollie? Well if you can, you are probably pretty cool. But if you can’t, go learn! Learn to do that trick that you always thought was amazing when you saw it. It can be a very rewarding and fun process, not to mention you will be even cooler.

4. Become a chef.

Okay, maybe not for real, but learning a new recipe or baking something delicious is a great use of time. It’s enjoyable and tasty. On a diet? Make food for someone else! Have a bake sale! Make a treat for your dog! 

5. Be creative; CREATE.

This is my personal favorite because creating contains endless possibilities. You can create paintings, drawings, clothes, quilts, jewelry, pottery, pictures, collages, DIY projects, and SO much more. Everyone can create, and it’s a great way to spend your time. 

6. Go somewhere.

Walk, bike, ride. Just get out and see the world. Even if it’s your own yard or neighborhood; go for a walk and breath the fresh air. Or bike to the store instead of drive. Or spontaneously drive somewhere with a view. You create real adventures when you explore even the most obvious places. 

7. Music.

With how music is accessed today, maybe this is against the rules of no-screens. But I think most of us can agree music is great, so put on some tunes and relax. Or make a new playlist. If you’re not convinced yet, music is literally proven to make you a happier person.

8. Dress up.

“For what?” you may ask, to which I would respond, “absolutely nothing.” You don’t have to be going somewhere important (or even going somewhere at all for that matter) to get fancy. Paint your nails, put on your best pants, do your hair, put on an obnoxiously excessive outfit. You are gonna look great, I already know. 

9. Write a book.

Never say never, right? Okay I don’t really mean write a whole book, (I’m not stopping you though…) but writing can be really beneficial and relaxing. Journaling is always fun, or you can come up with creative short stories. There is also poetry and song lyrics as well!

10. Practice a sport or exercise. 

Get outside and shoot some hoops, or go for a quick run. Move your body, who knows maybe you will even get a shredded 10-pack of abs. And if you don’t play a sport or have an active hobby, it’s never too late to start! Sports are a great way to get exercise, better yourself, AND make friends. 

11. Dance party.

Honestly, dancing is the solution to everything. Turn off your device right now (Of course finish reading this and share it first:)) and dance. No, it’s not weird or dumb. It’s great fun, and you could be the one to invent a new revolutionary dance move. The moonwalk didn’t get invented by someone who sits instead of dancing. 

12. Build a fort.

Think you are too old to build a fort? Think again. Inside or outside forts can be really fun to build, and to use. All it requires are some sticks or sheets! If you are really bored at home, I definitely suggest doing this.

13. Catch up with life.

There is a lot to keep up with in life as a teen, a constant battle; us against the world. So, if you have the time, go ahead and complete that missing assignment. Go ahead and straighten up your room. Go ahead and apply for that job. Don’t let your screens keep you from getting it done. 

14. Write a letter. 

Writing a letter is a really great activity. Whether it’s a friend, relative, or even a pen pal. It is much more authentic than texting or emails, and receiving letters is so exciting! 

15. Go make money.

Why waste time on Netflix when you could go and make real money? There are plenty of ways to make money even as a teen. A few ideas are babysitting, pet sitting, tutoring, yardwork, or selling your old things. 

16. Look at the sky.

If you’ve gotten this far and haven’t found anything you would want to do yet, this can actually be very relaxing. If you’re really bored, try it out! 

In conclusion…

Doing activities that don’t involve a screen is much better for your brain, and can be really fun. The benefits and rewards are great, try it out!

– A Real Teen

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

One thought on “Screen-Free Activities for You

  1. These are great suggestions, especially in Covid, but lessons to carry with us to make our family and friendships stronger. Thank you for sharing!


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