How to Manage Your Time as a Student

Imagine this: your paper is due at 11:59pm, Sunday. You’ve had all week to complete it, however you are just now starting at 8pm of the night it’s due. The teacher made it very clear he wasn’t accepting late work, so you know what needs to happen. 

You work on it nonstop for hours before you finish. When you finally do, you click the turn in button and let out a long breath of relief. You glance at the clock, only to see the time is 12:04 am. After all that work, you are going to receive a zero. 

Chances are, you may not even have to imagine this situation because you have been there. I know I have. Playing the role of a teen in our modern day world makes high school hard, especially with all the homework we are expected to complete. It’s so easy to get distracted, and sometimes it feels like there just isn’t enough time to do it all.

That’s where our bestest friend time management comes in, because whether or not it feels like it, you DO have enough time. However, time management isn’t an easy habit to develop, so here are a few ways you can start.

Organize your life.

This means your papers, your room, your backpack, etc. This helps to get things done in a  more timely manner as well as stay on track with what needs to get done. No more searching for  your math assignment and pulling out a million gum wrappers 10 minutes later. 

Write it down.

It’s hard to get something done when you have to spend time figuring out what you need to do. Make a checklist as soon as something you need to do comes up. That way, everything you need to do is all in one place, and all you need to do is cross it off as you go.

Plan it out.

Not everyone likes to plan, I get it. However, planning is pretty essential when it comes to time management. This way you can have a much better idea for how your tasks fit into the day. It also keeps you on track with what you should be doing. Keeping a planner is great for this.


Prioritizing is a very useful skill to have because you want to be sure you are getting the important things done. This would look something like creating a list and then putting the tasks in order of what needs to get done the most at the top. My favorite way of doing this is picking my top 5 most important tasks, putting them in order of importance, and focusing on only completing those tasks to begin with. 

Eliminate distractions.

You will work much more efficiently if there aren’t added distractions, such as your phone or a talkative friend. This also applies to multitasking. By only focusing on your task you can complete it in a much more timely manner, and I know the quality will be better.

In conclusion…

Having time management skills is so important, and something every student needs. When you organize, write things down, plan, prioritize, and eliminate distractions you have a much better chance of getting those assignments done on time. You will also be a lot less stressed, and will most likely end up with more free time than before! 

– A Real Teen

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

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