5 Ways Green Tea Gives Teens Superpowers

You may or may not drink coffee. If you do, prepare to switch to green tea after you hear these amazing benefits.

Even if you don’t drink coffee, green tea has countless benefits for teenagers, as well as most ages! Here are 5 major benefits:

1. Higher Brain Function

Having trouble getting started at school so early in the morning? Green tea is perfect with your breakfast! (Or maybe you could just go to bed on time…) 

Basically it contains caffeine. It boosts your brain function, energy, etc. However, it contains just enough caffeine (unlike coffee) so that you don’t become jittery or consume an unhealthy amount of it. 

This being said, too much green tea every day can lead to the same negative effects of coffee, so be sure you are limiting yourself to around one cup a day.

2. Reduces Stress/Anxiety and Balances Hormones

Worried about an upcoming test? Green tea is a perfect before-test beverage! 

One thing that is included in green tea is theanine, which essentially reduces your stress hormones and is known for treating anxiety. An all natural method, and trust me it really does magic.

3. Great for Acne

Think you might have a bad breakout before picture day? Green tea is perfect to all-naturally reduce your acne! 

Another component of green tea is something called catechin. This has antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, as well as antioxidant properties. 

While this method for reducing acne isn’t successful for everyone, it’s definitely gotten great reviews from many teens!

4. Great for Weight and Diabetes Prevention

Looking to be more fit this month? Green tea is a perfect natural and healthy fat burner!

A lot of research has proven that green tea helps to both increase your metabolism and burn fat. It is also shown to help prevent type 2 diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity. 

5. Very Relaxing

Is it a rainy afternoon and you just want to chill? Green tea is perfect to go hand-in-hand with cozy times!

Now this one is from my personal experience, but green tea is super relaxing. (Especially hot) I highly recommend you try it out!

In Conclusion… 

Green tea has many health benefits, and can be great for teens. Especially if you currently drink coffee; it’s the perfect alternative. Try it out and see if the superpowers work for you

– A Real Teen

Photo by Freestocks.org from StockSnap

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