How to Manage Your Time as a Student

Imagine this: your paper is due at 11:59pm, Sunday. You’ve had all week to complete it, however you are just now starting at 8pm of the night it’s due. The teacher made it very clear he wasn’t accepting late work, so you know what needs to happen.  You work on it nonstop for hours beforeContinue reading “How to Manage Your Time as a Student”

Screen-Free Activities for You

Okay, let’s be honest… Most of us are on screens WAY too much. Between school, social media, and Netflix binges, on average teens spend  more than 40% of their ENTIRE LIFE on screens. (Yes I did that math… Sort of.) Even science proves that too much screen time can lead you down a losing path.Continue reading “Screen-Free Activities for You”

How to Deal With Zoom Anxiety: 10 Tips

Online school can be great for introverts, but zoom class still has it’s scary moments. If you are someone like me who gets anxiety even on zoom, no worries! We have got you covered with these zoom-anxiety tips and tricks. Anxiety isn’t a walk in the park, as it often keeps students from being ableContinue reading “How to Deal With Zoom Anxiety: 10 Tips”

What is the Real Definition of Success?

In the world today, too often we only consider the richest and most well known people to be successful. For most of my life, I have viewed success regarding someone’s career, income, or fame. Even the dictionary describes success as “attaining wealth, prosperity and/or fame,” but is that really always the case? Recently, like soContinue reading “What is the Real Definition of Success?”